Tutorial Notes on Swing

January 8, 2009

Tutorial Notes on Swing


  • What Is Swing?
  • SwingHello.java – My First Swing Program

Graphics Environment

  • Local Graphics Environment
  • Screen Information of Default Toolkit
  • Screen Resolution

Swing JFrame

  • Closing Frame and Terminating Application
  • Interrupting Frame Threads
  • Displaying Chinese Characters in Frame Title
  • Drawing Graphics in Frames
  • Drawing Chinese Characters in Frames

Swing JLabel

  • Creating Labels
  • Creating Labels with Chinese Characters

Swing JButton

  • My First JButton
  • Handling Button Actions

Swing JRadioButton

  • JRadioButton and Related Classes
  • JRadioButton and Event Listeners
  • Selected Radio Button

Swing JTextField

  • JTextField and Related Classes
  • JRadioButton and Event Listeners

Swing JInternalFrame

  • JInternalFame and Related Classes
  • Creating Internal Frames
  • Internal Frame Listeners

Layouts of Components

  • What Is a Layout?
  • BorderLayout
  • FLowLayout
  • BoxLayout
  • GridLayout
  • GridBagLayout

Look and Feel

  • LookAndFeel and UIManager
  • LookAndFeelTest.java

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January 8, 2009

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